Rift Sawn Oak Slab


Rift Sawn Oak


For a natural yet contemporary cabinetry look, Rift Sawn Oak Slab is an ideal option. White oak wood is a strong, durable wood that holds up well in busy households. The material’s very linear grain pattern is produced by the rift sawing technique which gives it a more uniformed, distinctive appearance than other wood sawing techniques.

Additionally, the linear grain pattern adds subtle texture to the surface, bringing out the wood’s character without it being rough. Rift Sawn Oak Slab has a tan brown color that adds warmth to a space and creates an elegant yet cozy atmosphere. It’s an excellent material for creating a cabinetry aesthetic that is both natural and unique looking.

Order a sample of Rift Sawn Oak Slab today to see and feel this one-of-a-kind material.

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Weight 1 oz