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The Godmorgon system for bath vanities has a narrow focus, allowing you to quickly transform your bathroom with a vanity replacement. Click on any + icon below to view more information about our specific bath components for the Godmorgon system.

Bath Components- Drawers

Godmorgon 2-drawer unit in Fly Yellow High-Gloss Acrylic Slab


We manufacture Godmorgon drawer fronts in the sizes IKEA manufactures them. We sell all of our drawers in sets, so the price you see is the total price for your vanity. Once our drawers arrive you can follow the installation instructions that came with your vanity and install your new custom fronts.

Panels, Fillers, Spacers- Bath components

Godmorgon 2-drawer unit in Walnut Natural Wood Slab

Panels, Fillers, and Spacers

We offer cover panels for the sides of the Godmorgon vanities, these panels are made to cover the side of the vanity and sit flush with our custom drawers. IKEA offers two depths in their Godmorgon vanities and we make panels for both.

Our filler pieces can be used to extend your vanity to the wall and create a more built-in look. Our filler pieces are manufactured 10” wide, and are meant to be cut and scribed onsite. Please note that if you purchase panels or fillers from us the IKEA sink top will not sit flush with these parts.

If you select a material with a grain direction, we do not grain match panels or fillers to the drawer fronts.